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Hofman International Inc. specializes in the worldwide sourcing, sales, manufacturing, and distribution of rare sugars and specialty carbohydrates. We do this through our affiliate division saccharides.net.


We have served the world’s major markets with natural and synthetic rare sugars and specialty carbohydrates since 1998. We also work closely with leading scientists researching treatments of rare diseases namely Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation (CDG) and exclusively supply the products to their patients. Our company distributes and sells rare sugars in:

Nutraceutical Industry
  • Athletic Drinks
  • Urinary Tract Health Products
  • Animal Health Products
  • Essential Glyconutrients

Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Precursors to a variety of carbohydrate-based drugs, including nucleoside analogues used in antiviral applications.
  • Complex oligosaccharides and oligonucleotides used as anti-inflammatory or anti-cancer agents, as well as highly specific chronic pain relievers.
  • Complete range of high-quality monosaccharides and their derivates.
  • L-ribose
  • L-fucose
  • L-xylose
  • D-allose
  • D-cellobiose
  • L-glucose