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With help from Hofman International Inc., import your goods and services to North America or receive assistance with your export requirements. We assist North American and European vendors by organizing trade missions and putting our global trade experience to work for them. Our international trade knowledge stems from having a European background and understanding what European customers want from North American manufacturers and suppliers. We also specialize in the worldwide sourcing, sales, manufacturing, and distribution of rare sugars and specialty carbohydrates.

about us

Hofman International Inc. is a Canadian-based international trade and tourism company located in Calgary, AB. As an international trade company, we provide product export services and trade missions for North American companies looking to connect with European vendors. Our primary focus is in the distribution of rare sugars. We also organize trips for businesses groups into Canada and the United States and provide translation and language assistance. We incorporate more than 30 years of international trade and tourism experience to provide a broad base of quality services from basic exports and imports, product marketing and distribution, and trade mission organization, along with tourism development.

Hofman International Inc. was founded in 1993 by Karel Hofman who is originally from the former Czechoslovakia. Karel started Hofman International Inc. to help develop trade and promote services between Canada and the Czech Republic after the Eastern Block break in 1989. At the beginning, his love and passion for nature, especially for the Alberta Rocky Mountains, helped him to invite many groups of tourists to Canada. During their vacations in Canada, several of his clients found new opportunities in new markets in North America and became business customers and partners of Hofman International Inc.

Although tourism is not the main business segment of Hofman International anymore, Karel Hofman seldom refuses to show his pride of the magnificent Eastern Slopes, and welcomes any reason to escape with his friends and clients to the mountains which helped him to create his business over 30 years ago.